Team Members

The inspectIT team consists of APM experts working mainly for the German consulting company NovaTec Consulting GmbH. We work from different locations around Germany and Europe and love our remote work setup that gives us freedom to develop cool software. We are passionate about performance and enthusiastic about open source. We do not care much about official team roles and hierarchy, we believe that we are all equal!

Christoph Heger

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Christoph is engaged and passioned in the domain of Application Performance Management in research and business. Since he completed his doctorate at the chair of Software Design and Quality (SDQ) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), he now supports companies in mastering Application Performance Management. He drives the user experience monitoring for Web and mobile applications in the inspectIT project. He is a regular speaker on conferences and helps companies in solving their Application Performance Management challenges employing inspectIT. His passion is to align technical interests with business interests to give leaders insights to steer the company’s future.

Mario Mann

Location: Dresden, Germany

Mr. Mario Mann is a performance consultant at the NovaTec Consulting GmbH. Since his successful studies in computer science, Mr. Mann is working as a performance engineer.
Apart from performance consulting at big German enterprise companies, Mr. Mann is active in various topics around Application Performance Management.

Marius Oehler

Location: Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

Marius is a software performance engineer at NovaTec Consulting GmbH and one of the core developers of inspectIT. Before that he successfully finished his studies in computer science at the Stuttgart Media University where he elaborated the base of inspectIT’s monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities.
Marius is a passionate software developer in different topics – from distributed enterprise software systems, to small embedded microprocessors. He likes to try out and play around with new technologies. In his spare time, he is a technology nerd that spans from 3D printing to tinkering with electronics.

Stefan Siegl

Location: Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

Stefan lives by the slogan “Performance matters!” His goal is to convey performance awareness to business, operating and developers. He has 15 years of experience in integrating APM solutions in big enterprises. He heads the competence area “Application Performance Management” at the NovaTec Consulting GmbH and is responsible for the development of the open-source APM tool “inspectIT”. In his spare time he loves playing with his two sons, watching endless episodes with his wife and saving the world in computer games.

Ivan Senic

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Since early 2010. Ivan has devoted his carrier to the development of the inspectIT and he most likely touched almost every part of the inspectIT code base. Ivan’s coding expertise spans from low level ASM byte-code hacking to Java code bench-marking using JMH. He is heavily involved in the design and architectural decisions, as well as in the inspectIT business vision and marketing strategy development. Apart from inspectIT, Ivan took part in numerous performance firefight projects, where he helps in diagnosing the performance problems and in providing solutions. In these projects Ivan usually relies on the different tools from the open-source APM stack like jMeter, MAT, perf, FlameGraphs, honest-profiler, etc. In his private time Ivan enjoys playing, watching or talking about the best sports game in the world – basketball.

Isabel Vico

Location: Granada, Spain

Isabel is a performance engineer at NovaTec Consulting GmbH in the Application Performance Management department. Since she finished her studies in Computer Science, she has been working as a Software Developer in different technologies, industries and countries. She is passionate about developing software as well as agile methodologies and writing clean code in order to achieve high-quality productive code.

Christian Vögele

Location: Munich, Germany

Christian Vögele is a performance engineer at NovaTec Consulting GmbH in the Application Performance Management department. Before that, Christian worked as a research associate in different industry and research projects with special focus on load testing and model-based performance prediction of software systems. He is involved in performance firefights and consulting projects as well as in the research and development of new solutions in the field of Application Performance Management.

Alexander Wert

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Alexander Wert is a software engineer and expert in performance analysis of software systems. He received his PhD at the chair for Software Design and Quality at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. Alexander Wert is part of the Application Performance Management department at NovaTec Consulting GmbH. Apart from performance firefights and consulting projects, Alexander is involved in the research and development of innovative solutions around Application Performance Management.

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