Public announcement: inspectIT future plans and road map

The inspectIT team would like to inform the public and our open source community about the future plans for our beloved APM tool and the planned roadmap.

We started the inspectIT project in early 2006, as the only free alternative to the commercial APM tools existing at the point of time. Back then we decided to focus on developers and create a tool that can help them out by providing easy performance troubleshooting for their Java applications. Later on, we added support for the pre-production performance analysis, load-tests, etc. Nowadays we successfully use the inspectIT in the performance firefights and we help our clients to solve their hot performance problems. We never intended to create a tool for a production use, however, we understand that the community is asking for a tool that has more production-ready features: better scalability, more security, lower overhead, mobile agents, web-based UI, etc.

This is why we are announcing that the inspectIT 1.x version will reach the End of Life by the end of 2018. Until then we will continue to provide bug fixes and critical improvements in the 1.9.x versions. These will be released at the end of each quarter, making our release cycle to last 3 months. It’s expected that no further development will be done for the version 1.x starting from 2019 as our focus will be fully shifted to the next version line.

In the meantime, the inspectIT team will continue to work hard on creating a better open source APM platform. The times have changed and we see a lot of great APM tools out there. We believe in the open source stack and we are guided by the “Don’t Reinvent The Wheel” mantra. Thus, we will strive for a solution that combines the best tools available and we will try to fill the gaps by our expertise and knowledge. We are doing open source integrations with numerous tools already and we constantly investigate how can we contribute with inspectIT in the long run. So, stay tuned for more existing commits and releases.

During this time we need your help. We are actively looking for companies or individuals that would help us out in our quest, either by providing valuable feedback or by joining forces. Thus, we encourage you to fill out our Open Source APM Survey or simply contact us if you like to get involved.

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