The inspectIT APM project is open for many different types of contribution that help to make inspectIT even more awesome. The easiest way of contributing to the project is to use it inside your organization or another open source project. Inspire other people by educating and training them on why inspectIT is a great open source tool and how inspectIT creates value for them. Graphics and icons are an important means of communication. Design graphics and icons appealing to the user and add value to the user experience. Report issues proactively from bugs to user interface and user experience issues to show us where we can make inspectIT better. Help people to get their task done by writing documentation, tutorials or recording webinars. Propose and vote features to help us to set appropriate priorities reflecting the needs of our users. Contribute code by joining the development team of the project.

Please visit our Contribution Homepage for more information on how to get started.


Contribution flyer

Contribution flyer

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